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Carleton Van Selman > Keyboards & Composer

An internationally experienced keyboard player and singer, having collaborated with and backed a handful who have graced the spotlight much familiar. A stint as a professional musician was not unnoticed after which Carl returned to the UK in 2010. From an early age a classically trained pianist, with this, often being advised to ‘forget everything you’ve learnt’ once the transition from theory to live band scenario became a reality.

Over the last 30 years Carl has worked within most musical forms, playing, arranging, and composing. Jazz, blues, soul, funk, the list is endless and when the muse permits, a drop of Cajun on his piano accordion; is there no end to this man’s talent? Woven into Carl’s and the other three biographies of the REP are the indelible cross threads of a mutual creation, love and embracement of a like-minded genre. Over time Carl has crossed swords with both Kym and Trev, whilst Trev and Larry have a long standing musical (Prog Rock) embrace. It took Carl’s prolific writing, a vision no less, his back catalogue of material, some with Kym, to finally find its rightful home with the REP. Sympathetic is a word not lightly used, as are ‘inevitable’ and ‘right’ being the other two.
An exceptionally gifted player, his performances leave a lasting impression on anyone that is fortunate enough to hear, whether in the moment, or catalogued for posterity.
"Everything he does comes out very special."

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