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Amanda Lehmann
Features on the Random Earth Project tracks 'Gospel' & 'Window'

PiX: Copyright Dave Abbott

Amanda Lehmann is an international solo recording artist, performer, composer, singer and guitarist, also known for her collaborations with former Genesis guitarist, Steve Hackett.
After a musical career spanning over three decades, Amanda released her debut solo album ‘Innocence and Illusion’ in 2021; a fusion of prog, rock, ballads, and elements of jazz-blues on a journey through magical childhood worlds and hard-edged realities; emotionally touching at every turn.
Over Amanda’s career and thousands of live shows she has performed extensively around the UK with her own band in the 80’s and 90’s and latterly tours with Steve Hackett (2009 & onwards). She has previously released ‘Wazzoon’ (1994), ‘Shadow’ (2010) and the single ‘One Last Spin’ (2022) which touches on the harms of gambling.
Amanda has always adored singing and throughout her childhood would grab any opportunity to sing whether in a solo capacity, or as part of a choir. As a teenager she began to study the styles of various vocalists from Stevie Nicks to Pat Benatar; Alison Moyet to Joni Mitchell; to work out what techniques they used and forging a vocal style of her own. “My vocals are always adapting” says Amanda “I like to vary my style according to the song I’m singing; different techniques work for different songs. I particularly love constructing multi-layered harmonies.”
Originally classically trained on the piano, she fell in love with the power of the overdriven guitar. Self-taught, she went ahead and learnt from the more experienced players, all the time creating a style combining the influences of rock, blues and folk. “You never stop learning” says Amanda “which is part of the joy of music. Latterly in my touring days with Steve Hackett I’ve learnt so much about orchestration – less is more. There are times to let rip with the guitar and times to be silent. I learnt to combine precision with performance.”

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