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Kym Blackman > Singer and Sky Painter

Kym was recognised as having a natural talent and understanding of music at a very early age, with all other subjects failing to cause such a comparable interest. Born and bred in London’s East End he soon joined and fell in with the local music scene. Herewith ingratiated, he applied himself, and with much perseverance and a total dedication, learning both the rhythm and the bass guitar, he started playing The Circuit, honing these skills to an even finer degree. The early 1990’s saw Kym move to Norfolk and with ‘The VIP’s’ and ‘Gidea Park’ he made his mark playing the holiday camps, the end-of-the-pier-shows, and almost every other East Anglian night club. Sadly, the eventual nightly repetition of Johnny B Goode and Mustang Sally started to dull the senses and musical disinterest dominated.

As the clock ticked into a brand-new century Kym finally realised his musical dream which manifested itself in the form and foundation of his own tribute band, ‘Hollow Earth’. The assembled group of talented musicians played Prog Rock covers of Pink Floyd, Yes, and Genesis. ‘Hollow Earth’, became the vehicle, Kym’s destiny, as his voice developed and blossomed in parallel with his on-stage confidence, fronting such an eclectic bunch. Over the next twelve years the ‘Hollow Earth’ experience grew in stature and following, as did the accompanying light and laser show!

In the end 'Hollow Earth' outgrew the smaller venues and with strife circulating, the band eventually called time and tide and became no more. No more 'Suppers Ready'. Thinking his performance days were over Kym continued to write and record his own material. He released ‘Lilac Skies’, a solo collection, in 2016. With this came a collaboration with like-minded musicians, thus generating a huge stockpile of songs and personal music. It was inevitable that he and Carlton would eventually be drawn together, given their passion of a Progressive nature. This event was fortuitous, as it proved a mutual rekindling and realisation that their joint creation of music was not only enjoyable but unearthed a special musical bond. It was only a matter of time before this seed blossomed and The Random Earth Project became reality. Kym remains optimistic to return to the stage. Until that day beckons, the journey continues, the REP journey.

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