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Larry Homer

Features on all tracks of the album 'Airwaves' by the Random Earth Project

Picking up the guitar in 1964 at the age of ten, influenced by The Shadows, The Beatles, and The Stones, Larry was within two years already entertaining the public. Enthused by Dylan, Donovan, Bert Jansch, and the Incredible String Band he learned the art of fingerpicking; along with other like-minded musicians hit the folk clubs, still only fifteen. Within three years he’d joined his first rock band and discovered Prog Rock subsequently then forming ‘Still’ with singer Rob Lake. Its various forms existed until 1979; another victim to Punk. It was during Larry’s time with ‘Still’ that he and Trev first met.

His skills were embellished as a sound engineer for many bands on the university and club circuit whilst maintaining the personal gigs. By 1981 this had blossomed to running Graduate Records Demo Studio for such luminaries as Swansway, Terry and Jerry, The Bloomsbury Set, The Maisonettes and of course UB40.

With the onset of retirement, he returned to his first love, music. The output from his home studio has been prolific. Mostly his own interpretations of music that has been such an influence; Beatles, CSN, Beach Boys et al. He also continues to write; co-writing and producing Colin Hall’s single ‘Under Black Country Stars’.

With 2022’s formation of the Random Earth Project a full circle has been created back to those heady days of the 70’s when Prog Rock was ‘King’. Since those days he’s become a bit of a multi-instrumentalist.

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