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Trev Turley > Bass

Born in West Bromwich his exposure to ‘Progressive Rock’ began at just the right time; right at the very beginning of this genre after having set his heart on playing and picking up the bass in 1968. Over the next ten crucial years he was exposed to this heady cocktail, some of which directly stemmed from playing in the local bands of the time and area; most notably after a chance meeting with a much younger Larry Homer and then both being ensconced in the mid 1970’s Symphonic Prog band ‘Still’.

Rekindling his love for “Proper Prog” with the Random Earth Project he now draws upon all of these influences and experience to create the palette you now hear. In addition, over the last four decades, as a native of London, his playing has been integral to many bands (including his own) covering many styles and many genres. His portfolio of sessions and album releases were fittingly crowned with 2021’s award winning release, ‘Cherish Ever’; a freshly recorded collection of personal & private material and genres spanning his career. A companion autobiography, 'Sky Trails & Pie Tales', published in 2022, compliments this legacy album.

With a hard to categorise flavour of style and playing the REP is a match that seamlessly dovetails; on all aspects of his embraced influence, experience, material & genre.

Trev says; “What the REP creates is purely down to the right mix of ethos & perfection; with a good helping of mutual respect that we all bring, including those that ‘guest’.”

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